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About Us – iDrive

Florida State University Credit Union and Envision Credit Union combined efforts to form iDriveLending in 2012. iDriveLending provides indirect loan origination to the owners and Credit Union Service Organization clients. By combining the buying power of multiple credit unions, loans that would otherwise be sold to banks and captives can now be sold to credit unions.

Many other local credit unions have joined iDriveLending for a chance to obtain indirect auto loans through collaborative indirect lending. With a combined membership total of over 100,000, Tallahassee-Leon Federal Credit Union, First Florida Credit Union, Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Federal Credit Union and the Florida Department of Transportation Credit Union have also joined iDriveLending as partnering credit unions.

iDriveLending is owned and operated by credit unions and proud to be Tallahassee’s No. 1 source for credit union loans. Today, more than 30 local automotive dealerships partner with our credit unions and their members. Since operations began, iDriveLending has generated more than 10,000 loans totaling over $250 million.


Chuck Adcock headshot

Chuck Adcock
(850) 884-4960


Grant Abbott
Director of Lending and Business Development
(850) 556-0510

Sheree Ruis headshot

Sheree Ruis
Indirect Loan Processor
(850) 224-4960 ext. 1128